The Lion’s Back—King Of Steep Slope


The Lion’s back is the nickname for a rocky ridge. It is located at the entrance of Arches National Park. It is the “king of steep slopes” in the hearts of countless off-road fans. Compared with the Rubicon Trail, it’s just a “small hillside”. But you don’t underestimate the off-road place. It is a paradise for thousands of off-road fans


The Lion’s Back is a sandstone ridge in Moab, Utah that used to be popular among drivers of four-wheel-drive (4×4) vehicles. Why is it called the lion’s back? Because of its spectacular shape. The vertical distance from the top to the foot of the hill exceeds 200 meters. The hill slopes downward at an angle of 30° to 35° from the top. And the angle twists when the distance is 15 meters from the ground, and it touches the ground at a limit angle of 40° to 45°. The entire ridge is steep. It stands in the desert, looks like a lion king lying on the ground.