Do you know the security of Car Roof Tent?

With the rise and development of outdoor sports at home and abroad, people are no stranger to the word camping. Many people use camping as a fashion. They go together on weekends and holidays to experience the wind and drizzle of nature, and appreciate the tenderness of nature.However, many beginners who don’t know anything about outdoor products, so in the future, as a CAR roof tent, I will introduce you to outdoor products in detail, so that all donkeys know what outdoor products are suitable for themselves Unjust money, if you understand the style, structure, specifications, materials, performance indicators, use and maintenance of outdoor products, you can say that you not only know how to choose outdoor products, but also understand how to use outdoor products.but car roof tent can do it.

What’s the difference between a double tent and a single tent?

1.Single-layer tent

The single-layer tent manufacturing process is relatively simple, and its biggest features are lightness, economy, and small size.

2.Double-deck tent












Car Roof Tent

The difference between the double layer and the single layer is the addition of a layer of better air permeability in the design. In the cooler seasons, the heat removed by the human body will condense water drops on the inner wall of the tent under the effect of the air outside the tent. If it is a single-layer tent, the water drops will flow down the inner wall of the car roof  tent and wet the sleeping bag. After the internal account is added, the external account is not directly connected to the internal account. At this time, the heat emitted by the human body will pass through the internal account, so that car roof tent water droplets condensed on the external account will flow into the ground, which solves the inner wall of the single-layer tent well. Problems with water.

Car Roof  Tent safety performance is very important, with high requirements for configuration and strength. The only considerations are windproof, rainproof performance, and the weight of the tent. Generally, it is not recommended to buy a professional account for travel, camping, and camping.

Leisure account considers convenience and practicality, mainly from its appearance, color, use performance, sun protection, carrying all aspects of comprehensive consideration. car roof tent  is fashionable in appearance, beautiful in color, versatile, ventilating and ventilating, convenient for folding, and car roof tent  can also protect against sun. In order to adapt to different temperature environments,  car roof tent are divided into different structures such as single-layer, double-layer, and three-layer:

The advantages of single layer are lightness, economy, small size, and simple manufacturing process. The double layer is different from the single layer in the design by adding a layer of a more breathable inner tent, which mainly solves the contradiction of water condensation on the inner wall of the single tent. Because in the cooler season, the hot air exhausted by the human body will condense water droplets on the inner wall of the  car roof tent under the effect of cold air outside the tent. car roof  tent is not directly connected to the bottom of the inner tent. The heat emitted by the human body will pass through the inner tent, and the water droplets condensed on the outer tent can flow to the ground. Double tents are suitable for cool seasons or cold areas. The design of the three-story tent is another layer of cotton tents in Riga, the inner tent, to further enhance the thermal insulation effect. This tent is used in an environment of minus 10 degrees, and the temperature in the tent can rise to about zero.

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Post time: Nov-06-2020